Segmentation activity

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Blue Monday

“Have you all noticed that our sick rate shoots up by more than 50% on Mondays,” the boss said. One of the employees responded: “That’s normal. After a great time of partying and drinking on the weekends, it always is depressing to go back to work on Mondays.”

Come to Nothing

In 1975, the Canadian government opened a new massive airport at Mirabel near Montreal. It cost a lot of money to build. Disagreements between the national and provincial governments prevented construction of a multilane highway that would have linked it with the other existing airport at Dorval and downtown Montreal 50 kilometres away. Travellers found the airport difficult and expensive to reach. Not enough passengers used the airport and the whole project came to nothing as the airport was finally demolished in 2004. To come to nothing means to have no significant or successful result in the end.